Has Modi really failed on his promises

Well friends this is an article about our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi .

Let’s discuss about the current fact that all anti modis are chanting about Modi failed on his promises.And did nothing to our country .Well friends it maybe true according to them but actually things are different when you look over current situation.

Today’s situation is extremely different we Indians are getting more respect as compared to previous years . It’s because of Modi and Modiji is doing an extremely good work people are not understanding what he is doing now .

He is traveling across the world it’s because of an investment in India ,India is a big country as compared to other nation and we look for the point of view for marketing.

It’s one of the huge market for products as compared to others .And it’s because for to stop the import he is meeting all people for the investment.

Benefits of an investment:


Import reduction

New jobs

Per capita income increase

More tax to government

So under these all the things we are simply blaming him for to rise in price of petrol and natural gases.

So no need to worry do you know lakhs of jobs are producing.

More income and tax is also improving.

Life style of people is changing.

So many people are earning their daily needs.

Some products are available on cheaper rates.

So many things are cause because if foreign investment.

Modi really did nothing to country.

I honestly disagree with this sentence why not he has done somuch to this country.

Because of him we got huge Respect from all over the world.

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Has Modis Promises Failed? Has Modi Done Nothing to country?What Modi Did?

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