Let’s know about Google map

Hi friends today on this article I am going to share my experience on use of Google map while I was new comer in Pune .

Before six months back I came to Pune being a stranger and I was purely knowing nothing about this city. I was searching job after my B tech as usually I was a fresher I was alone guy knowing nothing about companies and interviews I uploaded my CV before coming to Pune I got some interview calls . Being a south Indian I was unable to speak Hindi and Marathi ,the biggest task for me but I was lucky being fan of Salman Khan and I hv studied Hindi as my second during high school days ,but I was not perfect to talk later on I improved ,but while attending interview I was facing problems of not knowing the place on that time my friend suggested me use of Google map.

Google map usage

Yes with the help of my friend I came to know little about how to use Google map .

Google map it’s very easier to find the path if you just know the name of location .

Simply we have to on our location and we have to search the place where target location .

Google map shows the distance and also shows roots like by walking,car,bikes and normal local buses and trains.

And when we start exploring it may also suggest the ways and also about the direction. At the b I faced some problems but Within a week I was comfortable to use it .

When I started following Google map it made me amaze that how Google come to know about every place.

Google local guides

Every information will be filled by Google local guides and also the places are registered with the help of local seo .

And this may make feel comfortable for one who searches .

And now I also become a local guide.

And later on I travelled Bangalore there also I used Google map and travelled city without any problem .

It was very helpful for me because of Google map .

I hope Google is doing a great job .

I honestly tell that this is so good and we can feel comfortable while we know use of Google map if we come to a new city .

How Google Map helped me to travel across whole Pune city ? Google map helps to explore and reach

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