Mechanical engineer struggling for getting jobs .

Mechanical Engineer ,Hi friends here I am going to share everything what happened with me and also happening with others . Every normal mechanical engineer is struggling to get job working hard in small scale industries.Working like labors, working as CNC operators,working as quantity inspectors, working as very low person even below a security,working continuously 12 hours without sitting , standing,all come with bigger dreams and hearing and seeing bigger companies like tata,ford,maruti Suzuki,Yamaha, Bajaj , Force motors, Hyundai, Honda.

Why are we not getting the jobs ?

We dream that we will become design engineer and we can design many more new inventions and do be a greatest design engineer.But truth fact is something different am not telling that this field is quite wrong but here we need to work hard and we must have some patience . So in order to make our self better we have to burry our self and work hard to get refined .This field is quite slower but trust me this is promising one.But everyone is searching and became nervous because of paying very low so after getting better position we can get in to better field but some times we can’t find the way where to move.

So many people are spending their money on various courses but utilization is very less, openings are very less and pay scale in smaller companies is also very less so after all struggling settling in better job it may take 3 to 4 years at that time we will be in better position. No problem but we can’t pay as much as the it people can earn. First of all getting knowledge is important in companies we have to work with uneducated or unskilled. They treat us like their workers at the beginning we will face harassment from them.One word is there in Hindi “chote log chote such”.We suffer from them a very huge problem we are going to face everyday every problem but no need within 2/3 months we will be more than them.

Worst Condition of Mechanical Engineers .

The zealous feel from unskilled people is paying a lot hurt to us.But no doubt if we are true strugglers we can do something. So life is too hard working machines up to 12 hours hearing irritating things by uneducated people. And so called senior officers also going to irritate us some people tell us that in it field it’s too hard because pressure will be more and have to hear a lot from seniors .It people are lucky because they are hearing from some what educated people but here in this field we have to hear a lot from everyone . So this is true pain of mechanical field.

And some people are even not getting more knowledge because they don’t know what is production department,what are the needed documents and what are the responsibilities of a production engineer. Also role of a quality engineer same don’t know what are the documents needed .See here skills are not bigger things for us so in order to make it a better way we should struggle.So according to me for to avoid the wastage of getting knowledge we have to do something.S o for us we have to gain knowledge within an year about which department we are working.So as early as possible if you are going to gain some knowledge no doubt you can do something with it .

Mechanical engineer struggling for getting jobs .

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