See now days it is very hard to become a design engineer with better paying . Friends let’s see according to me studying about others how they got without any reference , I have seen so many they struggled a lot and achieved what they did to achieve.

First of all basic thing is after completing your degree move to some institutes who can teach you in good manner and at suitable price. Never think and never hear you are a fresher go and find job don’t do that mistake either hearing someone or thinking yourself you are getting some gap.No need go and find better institutes and ask your senior first who will teach better at good price join them and don’t worry about jobs just concentrate towards getting well trained and practice yourself. After completion of your course if they give you placement assistance go through it if they didn’t give it’s kk no need to worry and shift city where you want to move where you want to work so move there and try to find jobs move every where and practice daily try to make yourself as master in that and find jobs search upload your CV through job portals. With that do some personal projects just go subscribe you tube channel you can gain more knowledge and do some more projects learn every software which are needed or used in industries .Learn every software and make yourself master update your resume with them.After doing these all its kk just move to other fields for job do job. Build your contact just build maintain friendly relationship with seniors not those uneducated because you are an educated and you come there to work like an engineer .So after all this update your resume by adding new self-made projects .Just love it and make it passion work on all softwares that can make you a game player.And first build your strong resume on LinkedIn because it’s quite good . In LinkedIn make connections with design engineers try to communicate with them be in regular contact try to share your pain passion with them .And ask how they became design engineer ask for some reference do these all activities,it may take some time but it will be fruitful for your life .See rocket takes 70% fuel for to launch and it takes only 30% fuel for to work,so for to launch you as a design engineer you have to do maximum effort ,do as much as possible make more practice ,make more connection,interact with more people.Do whatever needs for you to launch as a mechanical design engineer after struggling a lot it may start getting some more opportunities there you can get.

Another way visit every company websites and move for career go through it try to submit your resume there .Visit every company career home page and upload every month repeat this uploading process I will guarantee you ,how you don’t get a job in a design engineering field .

Friends I am also in one of you I faced so many problems struggling more than 2years at last I left my core and am doing something.The pain is there for me that I loved mechanical and left it because of this I just want to guide those who love their core and wants to work in to it I will give you every information that may help you to make yourself to enroll for achieve what you need . So do well

Courses needed for design engineer are listed here

1)Auto cad :it’s very basic and very easier , everyone can learn from YouTube

2) Catia:very useful tool commonly used in most of all industries,good to learn.

3) Creo: This is one is also used in bigger industries like tata ,so this is also a good one you can learn and make yourself by making perfect in to it .

4)Pro e: This software is also useful one learn similar manner good tool for 3d design .

5) Uni graphic: As said above good tool for to use you can get more knowledge in to it can get better advantage.

See every software is having its crack version so if you are interested to learn so learn that software with the help of Google and you tube both are good to learn. Either by reading blogs and watching videos on you tube.

And also auto desk is providing you free membership through there also you can learn . So thing is to become a design engineer is not tough and also not easier ,so keeping in this your mind do hard work . That may help you a lot so get more knowledge ,get more connection,get more updates become a successful design engineer.

How to get Design engineer jobs in mechanical field ? As a fresher or an experienced from other departments how to get it

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