Quality Engineer jobs

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Quality engineer job

Quality engineer,  Hi friends this is quite interested topic I just want to share with you .What is quality engineer ? What are its duties ?

What is the scope of quality engineer in industry ? Is it a well career?.

So let’s come to the point Quality engineer means an engineer who is responsible for the quality of a manufactured product .So he has to look after demands of customer. Fulfilling the customer demands on a product which has been manufactured. So first keeping this in mind that quality engineer has more responsibilities .Many documents are there he has to submit for the produced product in order to prove that the product full fills the requirements of a customer .So it’s one of the greatest career in every industry. If there is no quality department then there will be no industry.

Quality engineer career :


it’s trusted one and in which you can build your career ,this field is too good for to make your career. So this is quite helpful for you.

Quality engineer jobs in Pune ,Mumbai,Bangalore yes it’s possible to enroll but at the beginning as a fresher you will face some difficulties. So you have to start from the bottom level after getting 2/3years experience ,you can get better opportunities.Its not like an it professional you can’t get very quick salary hike but you can get as you get more experience.This may take time trust me this can take you up to the top level management.In 20/25 years service experience you can be able to become general manager or plant head.

There at current position a general manager salary starts from 2.5lakhs to 5/6lakhs per month .Very huge salary you can take which you won’t get at the beginning, so in order to keep that in your mind just concentrate.And this is quite promising career. And jobs availability at beginning you have to Starr from low level later on you can get higher salary amount.

What are the instruments used in quality department are as follows:

1 Vernier caliper: It’s a very basic instrument used in every industry . It is very much needed . So better to see some videos in you tube you will come to know.

2 Height gauge: For to measure the heights it is used.

3 Pin gauge: It’s also another instrument used and which can able to check the diameter of var products or parts .

4 Slip gauge :It is also used for to check so many things .

5 Profile projector:An important instrument used in industry with the help if that we can measure everything .


How to get quality engineer jobs?

See it’s easy to get a job in industry in the name of Quality later you have to transfer your self as a quality engineer.So for this you need to learn every instruments , abke to engineering drawing and total. Quality management documents.

What is an Engineering Drawing ?

An Engineering Drawing is a drawing in which we can get every detailed information about measurements of that part .And also some other information that may help us in producing the part. Better Google it.

Quality documents:









So there are so many things there but I can not explain everything here so in upcoming days I will provide all knowledge about it.

And don’t worry just work little hard quality department is not that much tougher for you, you can make a promising career . It is quite good but never expect more salary ,never compare yourself with software people after getting 10years you can compare but you will be more than them.

Good field to make career and better way no more head ache. Quite simple I also worked in quality assurance so just go through it

Quantity assurance:Its nothing but checking quality if product during process or manufacturing.

Quality control: It’s nothing but checking the quality at the final product.

Quality Engineer Jobs-Mechanical Engineering

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