SAP for Mechanical engineers

What is sap? and what are its modules? for mechanical engineers.

Why to move towards sap instead of core these are the common questions rising in minds of peopl e.What is sap ?

SAP for Mechanical engineer, SAP SE is one of the largest vendors of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and related enterprise applications. The company’s ERP system enables its customers to run their business processes, including accounting, sales, production, human resources and finance, in an integrated environment. The integration ensures that information flows from one SAP component to another without the need for redundant data entry and helps enforce financial, process and legal controls. It also facilitates the effective use of resources, including manpower, machines and production capacities.

According to its 2016 corporate fact sheet, SAP serves more than 335,000 customers in 190 countries, of which 80% are small- and-medium sized businesses (SMB). The latter fact is a more recent departure from the company’s previous focus on large enterprise organizations. It’s estimated that 75% of all global business transactions come in contact with an SAP system. The company offers on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployment models, with cloud computing options being the focus for the company’s future. On the Forbes 2016 list of “The World’s Biggest Public Companies,” SAP was ranked the third-largest software and programming company, behind Microsoft (1) and Oracle (2) and is currently headquartered in Walldorf, Germany.

So for mechanical engineers sap is very important t transform and no need to learn programming languages and also no need to move in to information technology so

for better feature and better career any any one from mechanical they can move in to sap. Which module is best for mechanical engineers to transform them selves in to Sap consultants , according to many of mechanical engineers for them sap mm or sap material management is best to en role as sap consultant and also getting promising career .Sap mm module is quite easier for mechanical people and also demanding and salary is also better one so after all waiting for better job in core and loosing patience better you can switch in to sap.Its quite helpful and also promising one so better to upgrade your self as sap mm consultant if you are worried about core and wishing to switch a good and promising career.This is the best potion for those who are unable to study .So should not wait and just go for it and never move for certification because its quite costlier and it may cost about 4.5 lakhs . So move for simple course it may costs around 30000 rs and its quite good.And make some more efforts to get jobs. Find better institutes which are having better placement records.

So better way to get full time job you need more practices and get crack version download it and practice hard and make perfect get more knowledge move for interviews.

SAP for Mechanical Engineers

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